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Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Physicians invested through ownership become involved partner with the entire hospital community, including the medical staff, the hospital’s philanthropic benefactors, and of course the patients themselves. BAEP’s owner physicians care about making everyone better through community partnership.

BAEP was started by a group of ED employee physicians that wanted to be more than just shift employees within the hospital they worked. Their desire was to become more involved in the community they served by operating the practice as owners. In 2003 the doctors terminated their contract with a large national staffing firm and started to take the steps towards a private ED practice.

With the trust and support of Morton Plant Hospital, Bay Area Emergency Physicians LLC took control of their own practice and the operations of the ED. Now owners, the physicians became naturally accountable to the hospital administration and affiliated medical staff. This motivation fueled process innovations and improved operational efficiencies leading to better patient flow and higher profitable volume*. Beyond these successes, the money that was once being sent away to a national staffing firm in the form of a management fee from the hospital was now staying in the local community.

Bay Area Emergency Physicians’ successful transition to private practice developed to BAEP Holdings as a vehicle to franchise their unique physician community partner business model. BAEP believes in the community is better served by owner ED physicians, and brings the expertise in practice administration, empowering others to follow in their footsteps.

Your ED partnered with owner community invested physicians supported by BAEP’s administrative expertise truly does make everyone better.


  • Morton Plant Hospital: 1.5% Volume Increase, 37% LWOT Improvement, 62% Diverts Improvement
  • Sepsis Latic Acid TAT POCT: Creating 31 minutes of improvement in critical diagnosis
  • Patient Throughput Improvement based on CT Turnaround: 45 Minutes average
  • Pulmonary CTA Evaluation: Emergent and expedient evaluation of suspected pulmonary embolism with the use of specific criteria to establish necessity of CTA
  • Point of Care Testing for Chest Pain : BMP testing vs. CMP testing Helping improve the care and experience for patients while cutting costs by 1.1 million dollars annually
  • Cost Cutting Improvements based on Operational Efficiencies $389,943.74 annually

Case Study 2

In 2005 Morton Plant Hospital decided to build a much needed free standing Emergency Center in Largo, Florida. Because of the already established and successful partnership, it was an obvious choice for Morton Plant to solicit BAEP to create the new facility’s internal operations.

Already having the expertise in Emergency Department management and the experience of practicing emergency medicine, BAEP was able to assist in the creation of clinical processes and protocols for the new facility. Where possible, BAEP replicated many of their best practices from Morton Plant Hospital.

BAEP served as the focal point with the surrounding medical community to develop specific call plans, and engaged with the county EMS to determine and approve transport to the new center. BAEP physicians also took the lead in writing protocols and implementing specific criteria for patients geographically distant from hospital backup. BAEP provided valuable expertise that allowed the hospital to open the Bardmoor Emergency Center on time.

The efforts of Morton Plant Hospital, BAEP, and the provider community have resulted in a thriving and top tier emergency center that exceeded projections by 10,000 patients its first year of operation and has continued to grow ever since. BAEP is proud of the part it played in the creation of one of the four free standing EDs in the state.